Letter to President Trump regarding DACA

Letter to President Trump regarding DACA

Dear Mr. President:

I write to express my deep concern about reports that the Administration is considering whether to eliminate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and to urge you to continue it as it currently exists. I also urge your Administration to vigorously defend DACA in the federal courts should its validity come under challenge.

The American experience has demonstrated that education and service are pathways to stronger communities and economic growth as well as personal enrichment and happiness. Since 2012, the availability of a legal status through DACA has advanced these goals for thousands of students who are in this country as a result of choices made by their parents. Most of these young people have known no home other than the United States. At Harvard and other institutions of higher education across the country, DACA has made it possible for talented and motivated students to pursue their education and explore meaningful ways of contributing to our communities and economy.

I have come to know many undocumented students at Harvard over the years, students who have worked hard their entire lives and have been standout members of their communities. These are extraordinarily talented young people who, like their peers, aspire to be leaders in public service, science, business, medicine, and the arts. They embody the drive and determination that has made the United States the most prosperous and innovative country in the world. We, as a nation, have already made an investment in these young people, and we will benefit far more by permitting these students to put their skills to their highest use rather than by repealing DACA and forcing them to return to the shadows of our society.

It is my hope and, more importantly, the hope of hundreds of thousands of talented, dedicated, and determined young people who are American in all but immigration status, that you and your administration continue the DACA program, and do everything in your power to defend it.

Best regards,
Drew Gilpin Faust

Mongol Empire Khans

Mongol Empire (1206–1368)

Mongol Empire
Mongol Empire

Great Khans and Yuan dynasty

With the establishment of the Yuan dynasty in 1271, the Kublaids became Yuan emperors, who were considered as Khagan for the Mongols and Huangdi (Chinese emperor) for native Chinese. 

  • Genghis Khan (1206–1227)
  • Tolui Khan (as Regent) (1227–1229)
  • Ögedei Khan (1229–1241)
  • Töregene Khatun (as Regent) (1243–1246)
  • Güyük Khan (1246–1248)
  • Oghul Qaimish (as Regent) (1248–1251)
  • Möngke Khan (1251–1259)
  • Ariq Böke (1259–1264)
  • Kublai Khan (1260–1294) – Khagan title: Setsen; Temple name: Shizu (1271–1294) Era name: Zhiyuan (至元) (1264–1294)
  • Temür Khan – Khagan title: Öljeitu; Temple name: Chengzong – (1294–1307); Era names: Yuanzhen (元貞) (1295–1297); Dade (大德) (1297–1307)
  • Külüg Khan – Khagan title: Khülük; Temple name: Wuzong – (1308–1311); Era name: Zhida (至大) (1308–1311)
  • Ayurbarwada Buyantu Khan – Temple name: Renzong – (1311–1320); Era names: Huangqing (皇慶) (1312–1313); Yanyou (延祐) (1314–1320)
  • Gegeen Khan – Khagan title: Gegeen; Temple name: Yingzong – (1321–1323); Era name: Zhizhi (至治) (1321–1323)
  • Yesün-Temür – Temple name: Taiding Di – (1323–1328); Era names: Taiding (泰定) (1321–1328); Zhihe (致和) 1328
  • Ragibagh Khan – Temple name: Tianshun Di; Era name: Tianshun (天順) (1328)
  • Jayaatu Khan Tugh Temür – Khagan title: Jayaaatu; Temple name: Wenzong – (1328–1329 / 1329–1332); Era names: Tianli (天歷) (1328–1330); Zhishun (至順) (1330–1332)
  • Khutughtu Khan Kusala – Khagan title: Khutughtu; Temple name: Mingzong; Era name: Tianli (天歷) (1329)
  • Rinchinbal Khan – Temple name: Ningzong; Era name: Zhishun (至順) (1332)
  • Toghon Temür – Khagan title: Ukhaantu; Temple name: Huizong ; Shundi – (1333–1370); Era names: Zhishun (至順) (1333); Yuantong (元統) (1333–1335); Zhiyuan (至元) (1335–1340); Zhizheng (至正) (1341–1368); Zhiyuan (至元) 1368–1370

Google and Walmart are joining forces to take on Amazon

Google and Walmart are teaming up to take on Amazon’s Prime shipping service.

Google Express

Starting in September, Google’s commerce platform, Google Express, will count America’s largest retailer among its list of vendors, the company announced Wednesday.

Customers will be able to place orders with Walmart at Express.google.com, on the Google Express app, or through Google Assistant-enabled devices like Google Home.

Walmart will be the largest vendor on the platform when it joins.

The coming integration with Walmart is expected to go deeper than that with any current Express retailer — Google’s head of commerce, Sridhar Ramaswamy, called the partnership “the first of its kind.”

Ramaswamy said customers could link their Walmart and Google accounts, allowing integrated features like a shortcut to reorder items frequently bought from Walmart through the Google Assistant voice software.

Telling a Google Assistant to “add paper towels” to your cart, for instance, would add your most frequently purchased size and brand of paper towels. Walmart also plans to allow customers to pick up purchases in-store for a discount.

The partnership puts Walmart further in competition with Amazon, which has a similar service in Alexa. Alexa integrates voice-control and speech-recognition technology to enable customers to place orders via voice using the retailer’s Prime service.

Google Express
Amazon, Reuters/Edgar Su

Google is also removing the $95-a-year membership fee for Google Express, which previously enabled customers to get free two-day shipping at retailers. Now each store on the platform will have its own threshold for free shipping. Walmart’s policy will mirror its website, with orders of at least $35 receiving free two-day shipping.

Speaking with Business Insider, Walmart’s e-commerce CEO, Marc Lore, was optimistic about the future of shopping using voice.

There will be “certain specific use cases in shopping where voice will be the preferred means,” Lore said. “You can imagine you’re driving home from work and ordering from groceries via voice and picking them up at your local Walmart on the way home.”

작년 한국 GDP 세계 11위 ‘제자리걸음’

GDP, 11년째 10위권 밖…구매력 기준 1인당 소득 48위

(서울=연합뉴스) 경수현 기자 = 지난해 한국의 경제 규모는 세계 11위, 구매력을 반영한 1인당 소득 수준은 48위로 전년 순위에서 제자리걸음을 친 것으로 나타났다.

9일 금융투자업계와 한국은행에 따르면 세계은행(WB)이 미국 달러화 기준으로 집계한 지난해 한국의 국내총생산(GDP) 규모는 1조4천112억 달러로 집계됐다.

이는 캐나다(1조5천298억달러) 다음으로 큰 규모로 세계 11위였다.

한국 GDP의 세계 순위는 2001년 12위에서 2002∼2004년 11위를 거쳐 2005년 10위까지 높아졌다가 2006년 11위, 2007년 13위, 2008년 15위로 뒷걸음질 쳤다.

이후 2009∼2013년 14위, 2014년 13위, 2015년 11위로 나아지고는 있지만 11년째 10위권 밖에 머물러있다.

세계은행이 집계한 한국의 GDP가 한국은행이 발표한 수치(1조4천110억 달러ㆍ1천637조4천208억원)와 다소 차이가 나는 것은, 세계은행은 달러화로 환산할 때 3년간 평균 환율을 적용(아틀라스 방식)하기 때문이다.

gdp korea

지난해 나라별 GDP 순위를 보면 미국(18조5천691억달러)이 역시 1위였다.

이어 중국(11조1천991억달러), 일본(4조9천394억달러), 독일(3조4천668억달러), 영국(2조6천189억달러), 프랑스(2조4천655억달러), 인도(2조2천635억달러), 이탈리아(1조8천500억달러), 브라질(1조7천962억달러), 캐나다까지 10위권 안에 들었다.

한국의 뒤를 이어 러시아(1조2천832억달러)와 스페인(1조2천321억달러)이 11위와 12위를 차지했다.

또 호주(1조2천46억달러), 멕시코(1조460억달러), 인도네시아(9천323억달러), 터키(8천577억달러), 네덜란드(7천708억달러), 스위스(6천598억달러), 사우디아라비아(6천464억 달러)가 20위까지 차지했다.

지난해 한국의 1인당 국민총소득(GNI)은 45위(2만7천600달러)로 전년의 46위보다 한 계단 올랐다.

GDP가 국민 경제의 덩치를 보여주는 지표라면 1인당 GNI는 국민의 평균적인 생활 수준을 보여주는 지표다.

그러나 나라마다 다른 물가 사정을 반영해 실제 구매력을 측정하는 구매력평가(PPP) 기준 한국의 1인당 국민총소득(GNI)은 3만5천790달러로, 역시 전년과 같은 48위를 차지하는 데 그쳤다.

구매력 기준 1인당 GNI 순위로 미국(5만8천30달러)은 18위였고 독일(4만9천530달러) 27위, 캐나다(4만3천420달러) 32위, 일본(4만2천870달러) 35위, 프랑스(4만2천380달러) 36위, 영국(4만2천100달러) 37위 등이 그 뒤를 이었다.

1∼3위는 모나코, 카타르, 리히텐슈타인 등 작은 나라들이 차지했다.

gdp korea